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Loaded Questions

loaded questions box

If you ever need an icebreaker for a party or a class or any other occasion, the cards in Loaded Questions (All Things Equal, Inc, 1997) are – pardon the pun – loaded with them. This game has been played and replayed among many groups of friends since its release in 1997, and a new “adult” version came out just two years ago.

The game itself is pretty straightforward, easy to learn, and engages every player during every turn. It consists of a Board with a scoring track, pawns, a die, a deck of Loaded Questions cards, answer sheets, and pencils. Players take turns as rollers who roll, move, then read a matching color question on the next card. All other players then write down truthful answers to the loaded question on their answer sheet. The previous roller gathers the sheets together, shuffles them, and reads the submitted answers aloud. The roller has to try to match the answers to each player!

loaded questions layout

“Is that it?” you say? How is that so fun? It’s fun because of the questions. It’s hard to draw a line between what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate, and the questions on these cards can really push the envelope or even occasionally stray over the line, but generally speaking they are simply great questions. The second card below, for example, asks to name one celebrity that doesn’t deserve to be a celebrity. That’s the sort of question people are making lists about on facebook and myspace, and arguing about and opining about around the water cooler or at the bar with friends. In Loaded Questions, you get to hear what your friends would say, and then try to figure out which friend said what.

loaded questions cards

Points are awarded based on the number identified correctly, but it’s not uncommon to lose track of where one is on the board because so much conversation, argumentation, and controversy is generated that the questions, and their answers, really take center stage.

I strongly recommend Loaded Questions to any group of fun-loving adults (or young adults – 16 and older) who are prepared to engage each other on controversial subjects, discover (perhaps) surprising things about each other, and laugh about them. The cards themselves are fun to read out loud in a group just to introduce a debate topic.

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